error when deploying package - "no sections found which can be installed"
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error when deploying package - "no sections found which can be installed"


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I am not able to deploy a package to one or more robots.

The error received is "No section found for the package which can be installed on the robot"


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - ROBOT


This error can have two causes.

The usual cause is that the Operating System on the robot is different from the OS which was used to originally create the package, as each custom configuration package is OS-dependent.

So, if originally a Linux robot was used to create the package by drag-and-dropping a probe to the archive, then this package will only successfully apply to Linux robots, and if you attempt to distribute to Windows, AIX, Solaris, etc then you would receive this error.  You would need to create a new identical package for each OS which should receive it.

The other possible cause is that some older versions of the robot have a known defect which causes this message to appear even if the OS is correct.   In this case, it would also impact the robot_update package, so you could try updating the robot using robot_update and if you get the same error message, then it means you are facing this defect.

The resolution for the defect would be to manually reinstall the newer robot version as per the following KB: