Are JOB06OP2 and MOV64OPT required for installation?
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Are JOB06OP2 and MOV64OPT required for installation?


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Easytrieve Report Generator


When migrating from release 6.4 to release 11.6, is it necessary to run JOB06OP2 and MOV64OPT?

Or is running JOB06OP1 sufficient?


Easytrieve Report Generator, Release 11.6

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JOB06OP1 job will create your option file EZOPTBL which is needed.  However, here is further information on JOB06OP2 and MOV64OPT:....

The MOV64OPT job will take to the best of its ability the parameter values in your EZTPOPT member in your 6.4 CAILIB and take these values into the EZOPTBL release 11.6 option file which was created via JOB06OP1.  Otherwise, only default values will be used. 

The comments in the MOV64OPT are:
//* Migrate the Easytrieve Plus 6.4 Options Table settings to the   */
//* Easytrieve 11.6 Options Table file (EZOPTBL).                   */
//*                                                                 */
//* This job also creates the Easytrieve "ini" file.  It is a load  */
//* module, (EZTINI), that contains the DSN of the Options Table    */
//* file.  The ini-creation steps are executed after the Options    */
//* Table processing steps have finished.                           */
//* See the instruction below regarding this.                       */
//*                                                                 */
//* Note:                                                           */
//* Before running this job you must run JOB06OP1 to create an      */
//* EZT 11.6 Opt Tbl with default settings.

JOB06OP2 will  list the values for the release 11.6 option file and it also has the ability to change any individual values.

//* >>--->  Enter the Option(s) you wish to modify below in place of
//* >>--->  the examples.
//* >>--->  To list existing settings, (with no modifications),
//* >>--->  provide a single SYSIN line with the word  READFILE
//* >>--->  starting in column 1.


So, running only JOB06OP1 will create the default option file for release 11.6, but it will only have the default values.