CTRANLOG: Datacom Details
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CTRANLOG: Datacom Details


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


In CTRANLOG, does SYSVIEW give statistics on Datacom table activity?

Looking for totals/summary (like x number of table reads, or y number of table updates) and seeing the Datacom CSD section which lists a lot of information by table, but there are no overall totals.

When being alerted that CPU is high for a CICS region and looking at transactions with high CPU to see where time is being spent. 

Seeing that a significant amount of time is in Datacom and would like to see overall totals of Datacom work.  Is it available? 



SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 




MENU, Primary Option Menu -     

On this Primary Option Menu, please select:

5 MENU DATACOM                   CA Datacom displays

then select: 

13 MENU     CSF                       Datacom CICS service facility

There is nothing more than what can be seen in the 'Datacom CSF' section of the CTRANLOG record, which is total requests at the Command level for a given table.

What is seen in the record is the only Datacom request info SYSVIEW has at the transaction level, which unfortunately doesn't provide an overall request total. They can be summed up.

The CSFREQS command shows the same statistics but at the CICS region level (all transactions).