From a process execution. How to use manifest file to update User Input values
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From a process execution. How to use manifest file to update User Input values


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)



I would like to use manifest file in order to automatically enter the parameters.

I'm running a process...

This is the manifest automatically generated :


First user input :

I would like to have an example of how I can fill the manifest xml file. Where do I put the user input parameters.


Release : 6.6



The use case mentioned above is not viable as per Product Design, below mentioned are rational behind same.

User Input : Defines that the user specifies the parameter value during the deployment. The manifest file intend to hold only release parameters which gets its value during deployment. Refer the document for more Technical and Design details around parameters in RA(Release Automation)

Snippet from above document



Use Manifest File

    1. Change the scope of parameter to release and publish the process.
    2. Download new manifest file, which will have the parameter tags for release parameters
    3. Fill the respective values in manifest file and load the same for process run


To continue with same process design and want to update "User Input" parameters, is possible only via wrapping process execution within "Releases/deployment". Follow steps below for same.

1: Create a Deployment Template -> Deployment Plan mapping the process(having user input parameter) to a deployment step 

2: Use the run-deployments API with stage=Initialization to create the release.

3: Use update-release API to fill in the user input value. 

For REST API reference review documentation REST API guide or self documented Swagger available with RA install and can be access at Login to ROC -> Help -> REST API(Swagger)

From above mentioned solutions we recommend use of manifest file as it leads to correct process design, making it easy to use and extensible.

Additional Information

Other important document around CARA parameter updates are mentioned below