Maintenance schedules in OC for url_response not suppressing alarms
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Maintenance schedules in OC for url_response not suppressing alarms


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The issues that I’m having is that when I create a maintenance schedule in the Operator Console (OC) and place a robot in it that has the url_response probe installed, it still generates alarms from the url_response probe.  If I place the same robot in maintenance mode through the IM, it works fine and alarms from the url_response probe are suppressed.

The maintenance schedule created had <hostname> in maintenance mode last night starting at 20:45 and the alarm came out at 21:12.


  • Release : 20.4
  • maintenance_mode v20.40



When monitoring targets remotely using remote probes such as url_response, net_connect, icmp, etc., you have to put the "target device" into maintenance (whatever is being monitored, not what is doing the monitoring).

When you set Maintenance via IM it will work because when you open the controller GUI and Select the 'Status Tab' and then Rt-Click on the green Robot icon button, and choose 'Suspend mode until...' to set the Robot into maintenance, because it suspends the monitoring probes.

In contrast to that process, Operator Console (OC) - based maintenance suppresses probe alarms by dev_id (for each target).

One way to accomplish alarm suppression in this case very quickly and easily for the url_response probe is by using Schedules. This url_response probe feature can be used to create exceptions that stop monitoring for a particular time frame, e.g., during a weekend maintenance period. This is a quick and easy way to prevent url_response alarms from being generated during a maintenance period without having to create a Group in OC and add a number of target devices to the group which contains the target device dev_ids.

Navigate to Schedules tab and define how to schedule the profile execution on a specific date and time, based on the rules specified in Schedules. 

Use this option, if you do NOT want to use the Check interval time and want to refine the time interval of running the profile. For example, run your profile to monitor the URL only on Wednesday mornings at 8:00 A.M. The following options are available for the scheduling.

rules: profile is scheduled to run according to the rules described in Schedules.

exceptions: profile is NOT scheduled to run according to the rules described in Schedules.

Additional Information

The schedule you create can be duplicated via using a url_response probe configuration package as it can be deployed to one or more url_probe instances running on robots if that is necessary.