Edge SWG (formerly ProxySG) VA Disk Resize
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Edge SWG (formerly ProxySG) VA Disk Resize


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The appliance is running on one disk or the the disk size is running full.


To resize the Edge SWG (formerly ProxySG) VA:

  • In your VMware client, select the vSphere Hypervisor host.
  • Right click and select Edit Settings.


    Resize your virtual appliance to meet the requirements for your specific model. See Verify System Requirements.


  • Resize the CPU: Expand the CPU dropdown and make the necessary changes.


  • Resize memory: Expand the Memory dropdown and make the necessary changes. Before increasing the memory size, save any necessary core images off of the Edge SWG (formerly ProxySG) VA. Currently, if you increase the memory size, all existing core images are deleted.


  • Add and remove disks:Do not remove or resize Hard Disk 1 as it is the boot disk and resizing is not supported. Removing this disk will cause the system to become non-bootable and resizing it will not provide extra storage for the system.When adding new disks, ensure they are the same size as the existing disks. For example, if the existing disks are 100 GB, than all new disks must be 100 GB.When removing disks, ensure at least one disk remains. Removing all disks results in all losing all configuration.


  • To add a new disk, click Add New Device > Hard Disk. Expand the new hard disk and configure the settings.


  • To delete an existing disk, hover over the disk to be deleted and click the x button.


  • Click OK to save your changes.