Log forwarding on PAMSC server 14.1
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Log forwarding on PAMSC server 14.1


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CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


On ENTM PIM 12.9.1 we have an AC and UNAB logs forwarding to log server.

How can I configure the similar feature for PAMSC 14.1 server ? 


Release :

Component : PAMSC 14.1


In Enterprise Management Server you have the option to define an external syslog server

You got to the Graphical interface

CA User Activiry Reporting
  Manage Audit Forwarder

You can indicate here a Remote syslog


In PAMSC 14.x, we don't have event forwarder implementation, so we cannot configure syslog server in ENTM and forward the events in CEF format.

However, we gave the option for the customer to take the log file and use it (we store the data in the log file as mentioned in the below path).

This is only for PAMSC, for PIM we don't log this way as we have Event_forwarder service.

For PAMSC 14.1 we log at - <WILDFLY_HOME>\log\CM_events.log
For PAMSC 14.0 we log at - <JBOSS_HOME>\log\CM_events.log

Only PIM 14 can communicate with the 12.x agents since it includes the tibco bridge.

PAM SC releases do not have the bridge, we cannot get audit events from older endpoint versions 12.8.x or 12.9.x.