Object Instance Delete rights after 15.9.2 upgrade
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Object Instance Delete rights after 15.9.2 upgrade


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After upgrading to 15.9.2 we see there is a new Delete right.

Prior to 15.9.2 a user who would create an instance (regardless this was a master or subobject instance) was also able to edit and delete it. Now in 15.9.2 you can not delete the instance even if you are the creator.

How is this expected to work? 


In 15.9.2 a new feature has been implemented

Delete Permissions Separated from Edit Permissions


Please find below some details of the feature:

OBJECTIVE: Do not include the capability to delete the custom object instances just because the user is able to edit them. This is applicable for master/sub/sub-sub custom object instances. 

In the current functionality, the 'delete' capability is granted automatically to the user when a user is granted 'Edit' access. Organizations would like key personnel to have the capability to delete the instance and not just everyone who can edit it. 

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Just by providing the capability to edit the instances, the user should not be allowed to delete those instances. There has to be separate access right for deletion at the Global, OBS Unit, and Instance levels. Only those users should be able to delete the custom object instances that have proper 'delete' access right.  

When a user has 'Create' access, they are automatically granted access to 'Edit' the instance of the record just created. Now, the creator will not have an immediate ability to 'delete' the instance unless they have a Global or OBS Unit access that allows them to delete that instance.