idlist and iddelete commands return Job not found; rc=1
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idlist and iddelete commands return Job not found; rc=1


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iDash Workload Automation


The CA WA idash commands idlist and iddelete return Job not found message for the SLAs where the original job definitions are deleted from the Autosys server.

 The idash error.log has following messages: 

22-02-06 [ERROR] Site.getCurrentSlas() - SLA job AutoSys_Job_accr_job1_cmd^ACE not found for the SLA:AutoSys_Job_accr_job1_cmd^ACE
22-02-06 [ERROR] Site.getCurrentSlas() - SLA job AutoSys_Job_at01_dr1_ext_acs1_12_setup_job_c^ACE not found for the SLA:AutoSys_Job_at01_dr1_ext_acs1_12_setup_job_c^ACE
22-02-06 [ERROR] Site.getCurrentSlas() - SLA job AutoSys_Job_dlma_p02_std_glas_sq98std_glascrmsapfeedback_c^ACE not found for the SLA:AutoSys_Job_dlma_p02_std_glas_sq98std_glascrmsapfeedback_c^ACE
22-02-06 [ERROR] Site.getCurrentSlas() - SLA job AutoSys_Job_hpixput_cmd^ACE not found for the SLA:AutoSys_Job_hpixput_cmd_sla^ACE
22-02-06 [ERROR] Site.getCurrentSlas() - SLA job AutoSys_Job_idashtest1_as_slatest_j0_cmd^ACE not found for the SLA:as_idashtest1_j0^ACE
22-02-06 [ERROR] Site.getCurrentSlas() - SLA job AutoSys_Job_rqm_sleeptest_1_cmd^ACE not found for the SLA:AutoSys_Job_rqm_sleeptest_1_cmd^ACE
22-02-06 [ERROR] Site.getCurrentSlas() - SLA job AutoSys_Job_rqm_sleeptest_2_cmd^ACE not found for the SLA:AutoSys_Job_rqm_sleeptest_2_cmd^ACE
22-02-06 [ERROR] Site.getCurrentSlas() - SLA job AutoSys_Job_rqm_sleeptest_3_cmd^ACE not found for the SLA:AutoSys_Job_rqm_sleeptest_3_cmd^ACE
22-02-06 [ERROR] Site.getCurrentSlas() - SLA job AutoSys_9991_training_job1_cmd^ACE not found for the SLA:AutoSys_9991_training_job1_cmd^ACE
22-02-06 [ERROR] Site.getCurrentSlas() - SLA job test_a^ACE not found for the SLA:test_a^ACE

Since the jobs are no longer in the system deleting the SLAs to stop the errors is necessary. However ,the  idlist to backup and iddelete to remove, both actions fail with errors: 
$ cat *txt
Job not found:AutoSys_Job_idashtest1_as_slatest_j0_cmd^ACE:4
Job not found:AutoSys_Job_at01_dr1_ext_acs1_12_setup_job_c^ACE:1
Job not found:AutoSys_Job_dlma_p02_std_glas_sq98std_glascrmsapfeedback_c^ACE:2
Job not found:AutoSys_Job_hpixput_cmd^ACE:3
Job not found:AutoSys_Job_rqm_sleeptest_1_cmd^ACE:5
Job not found:AutoSys_Job_rqm_sleeptest_2_cmd^ACE:6
Job not found:AutoSys_Job_rqm_sleeptest_3_cmd^ACE:7
Job not found:AutoSys_9991_training_job1_cmd^ACE:8
SLA Definition dAutoSys_Job_accr_job1_cmd^ACE Not Found
Job not found:test_a^ACE:9

This document describes the procedures needed to delete the obsolete SLA definitions for which jobs are deleted prior removing the SLAs. 


Release : 12.1



The iDash commands idlist and iddelete look for the user rights along with the existence of the job before deleting the SLA definitions.


Unfortunately, there is no direct feature (force option) to delete the SLAs which are not associated with an existing job.

In order to be able to delete these SLAs, the jobs with the same name has to be recreated in schedulers (Autosys). Then delete the SLAs in idash before deleting the job definitions.

Alternatively, The following query can be used to mark the affected SLAs as deleted in the database directly.

sql> update idash_config set deleted = 5 where deleted = 0 and type = 'sla' and id = 'slaName^instance'

Values other than 5  can be used for the deleted value. As long as it is > 0, iDash will consider the SLA deleted and will not attempt to process it.
In case these definitions are needed in the future, un-delete an SLA, rerun the query to move the deleted column value back to 0.