Average is null in dashboard
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Average is null in dashboard


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DX SaaS DX Operational Intelligence


We are trying to create a dashboard that will show us how many URL hits a specific user has and the average response time of all of each specific user. In the dashboard Average is showing as null.

We are querying the following in AXA Session Events.

1) app.id

2) user.id

3) event.page.url

4) event.metric.page.page_load_time



Release : SAAS

Component : DX Dashboards


It seems like the Average is "null" because all the listed entries has count of 1.

As a test, if we can duplicate the panel (select panel name -> more -> Duplicate).

In the duplicated panel, make the following changes and see if Average shows other then null. 

remove the event.page.url first and check.
then remove the user_id and check.