NFA 21.2.8 Data Integrity Patch | UPDATED 3/25
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NFA 21.2.8 Data Integrity Patch | UPDATED 3/25


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Please apply this mandatory patch to all NFA 21.2.8 instances. This will provide a fix for a data integrity issue which was introduced for NFA 21.2.8.

As you can see prior to the upgrade to 21.2.8, data is collecting fine. After the upgrade the data collected appears much lower. This won't occur on all interfaces. There are specific scenarios for this to occur. 

UPDATED 3/25/22:

We found an issue where OUT data reports very low data after upgrade / PTF 1 patch:

UPDATED 11/22/22:

Merged PTF 2 into PTF 8 which has additional fixes. PTF 2 will resolve this issue but if downloading today, we are providing PTF 8 with more fixes for other issues. 


Release : 21.2.8



1. Download the file and copy it to each harvester.

2. Extract the contents.

3. Follow the included readme.txt carefully to apply the patch. 

Additional Information

This cumulative patch also includes a fix for the NFA Harvester Buffer Fix:

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