Dollar Universe - Optional task launch on specific time
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Dollar Universe - Optional task launch on specific time


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


 Run a Uproc or branch within a Session at specific time and date (e.g only on Thursdays at 10am)


Release : 6.10

Component : Dollar Universe


Specific task allows to manipulate day (optional task) or time ( provoked task ) within main Task

Optional task can only start when the Launch time of optional task is the same as main task but can be started based on specific rule in e.g. once per week

Provoked task will be executed according to Rule set in main TASK but it can start on different hour.




To schedule optional task and delay start time we have to use dummy uproc and link it to provoked task.

Create a session 

Set required RULE on optional task and set time in provoked task at what time optional task should run.

On the uproc ( with optional task ) set condition in Launch Formula to point dummy uproc and set: Same session and execution

Monitoring execution window should look

Additional Information

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