Header Logo Image Size Increase Needed
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Header Logo Image Size Increase Needed


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Summary: Summary: The ability to add a custom logo image of 240px width is not large enough.  Please allow us to upload a larger image - up to 480px. We have additional text in our image to indicate the system is 'Classified // for Official Use Only' and this makes the image wider. 

Expected Results: The Modern UX: Administration, System Settings should indicate that an image of height: 24px, width: 480px (maximum) is allowed. 

Actual Results: The current image allowed is height: 24px, width: 240px (maximum). 





This is resolved as an enhancement in Release 16.0.2. 

This enhancement will also be available in Release 16.0.1 - Patch #1 ( 

The Branding Header Logo and Image Tooltip text will be increased.
The maximum width has been increased to 480px and the instructions in the MUX, Administration, System Settings has been updated to reflect this change.