Does FDM supports masking View table?
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Does FDM supports masking View table?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


FDM Masking configuration doesn't show the View table in the Database Table list. Does FDM supports masking View tables?


Release : 4.x

Component : Fast Data Masker


Views masking is not supported


Masking can't be done on Views as Views are read  only. Views can be used for PII Scans but not masking as you can not update a View.

As it is not supported, the View is not listed in the Table list in FDM masking configuration.

Additional Information

Documentation at will provide below information on Table Views

In a Data Model scan, you can now also see table views in addition to tables. 
You recognize table views by an icon that looks like a table with an eye. You can click Details to learn more about a View. When you select a View for the first time, it prompts you to provide a primary key. The primary key column is marked with a key icon. 

Note: All Data Prefetch Modes support table views. You cannot do a PII scan on table views, nor can you mask data in table views.