Bypassing malware policies using content filters
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Bypassing malware policies using content filters


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Messaging Gateway


Messaging Gateway provides a number of policy actions which allow Content Filtering policies to bypass the operation of other SMG scanning features that might otherwise be applied to the message. These include "Bypass Spam scanning", "Bypass Disarm scanning", and "Bypass Threat Defense scanning" but not "Bypass Malware scanning" and you would like to bypass all Malware scanning for a particular message or set of messages based on a Content Filtering policy.


Release : 10.7.5

Component : Content Filtering


Currently, Messaging Gateway does not support bypassing of Malware scanning with the exception of Disarm which is loosely grouped with Malware scanning. This is to ensure that known viruses and malware are not unexpectedly delivered to end users due to a misconfigued Content Filtering policy.

The most common use case for attempting to bypass Malware scanning is for messages that may receive the Unscannable verdict. While the default action for messages with unscannable content is to delete the message, SMG allows for additional malware policies to be created to handle different types of unscannable content differently for different policy groups. Please see your product documentation for additional information on creating unscannable content policies.