Need to check which id force job start on autosys
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Need to check which id force job start on autosys


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Autosys Workload Automation


Would you help to provide how to check which id force job start.

We got a job in autosys forced start and now need to check this operation executed by which id. 


Autosys 12.x


We were not able to get the output through autotrack in spite of setting this to level 2
This is a way of how to get this information from the database.

I just force-started a job called https.

I can run a query as follows

select attribute, audit_info_num, seq_no, value1 from ujo_audit_msg where audit_info_num in (select audit_info_num from ujo_audit_msg where  value1 like '%https%')

We get the following output. 

attribute audit_info_num seq_no value1
eoid 102 1 ACEz10000133
job_name 102 2 https
command 102 3 sendevent -E FORCE_STARTJOB -J https -C " " -P 10

The following query will now give us the login who force started the job

select audit_info_num, entity, time from ujo_audit_info where audit_info_num=102

  audit_info_num entity time
1 102 ejmcommander 1645520640

time0 -a 1645520640

CAUAJM_I_50097 External Time: 02/22/2022 14:34:00