Disaster Recovery environment
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Disaster Recovery environment


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Looking the Disaster Recovery  ( DR ) configuration guide.
When we need to do the  DB migration from the CAPC server from Active environment to Passive environment; we need to stop the DB in the Active server. 
The question is.
It is mandatory to ALWAYS stop the DB?  Considering that stopping a production environment every time I run the DB backup/ transfer to the Passive server it is not ideal to do.
If I  schedule a cron task to do the DB transfer in the DR environment i have to include the CAPC server processes to be  stopped .
These procedure should be same way we run in the Vertica DB where is no need to stop the DB in the Active repository server.
Do I need to stop the mysql database before a backup? 
Do I need to stop the mysql database to run a backup?


Release : 3.7

Component : Performance Management Portal Web UI


In version 21.2.8+  we move to MySql 8 and INNODB. One of the features of the new version and move to INNODB is the ability to do live backups (no need to stop the services).