AIOps 21.3.1 DX Platform Installer ignores the use of a different NFS mount for Postgres
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AIOps 21.3.1 DX Platform Installer ignores the use of a different NFS mount for Postgres


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DX Operational Intelligence


We are planning to different NFS point for Postgres:

/nfs/ca/dxi_postgres  => Postgres DB only

/nfs/ca/dxi = All other datasources (Elastic, Kafka, NAS, TAS, etc)

During installation we entered the different mount points, for example:

Enter your choice: 2
Specify the Name of NFS Server IP/Host []:
Specify the NFS Folder [/nfs/ca/dxi]:
For the medium installation fill in the next values for multiple NFS mounts.
Specify the Name of NFS ES 1 Server IP/Host []:
Specify the NFS ES 1 Folder [/nfs/ca/dxi]:
Specify the NFS DataStore 1 Folder [/nfs/ca/dxi]:
Specify the Name of NFS Postgres 1 Server IP/Host []:
Specify the NFS Postgres 1 Folder [/nfs/ca/dxi]: /nfs/ca/dxi_postgres
Installation completes successfully and  PVs are created successfully as below:
root@munqa001493 pg-data]# kubectl get pv
NAME                                CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   RECLAIM POLICY   STATUS   CLAIM                                 STORAGECLASS            REASON   AGE
dxi                                 2Ti        RWX            Retain           Bound    dxi/dxi                               apmservices                      50m
dxi-backup                          10Gi       RWX            Retain           Bound    dxi/dxi-backup                        apmservices-backup               50m
dxi-jarvis-es-hot-1                 2Ti        RWX            Retain           Bound    dxi/dxi-jarvis-es-hot-1               jarvis                           48m
dxi-jarvis-es-hot-2                 2Ti        RWX            Retain           Bound    dxi/dxi-jarvis-es-hot-2               jarvis                           48m
dxi-jarvis-es-hot-3                 2Ti        RWX            Retain           Bound    dxi/dxi-jarvis-es-hot-3               jarvis                           48m
dxi-jarvis-kafka-1                  100Gi      RWX            Retain           Bound    dxi/dxi-jarvis-kafka-1                jarvis                           48m
dxi-jarvis-kafka-2                  100Gi      RWX            Retain           Bound    dxi/dxi-jarvis-kafka-2                jarvis                           48m
dxi-jarvis-kafka-3                  100Gi      RWX            Retain           Bound    dxi/dxi-jarvis-kafka-3                jarvis                           48m
pv.dxi-axaservices-amq-data         1Gi        RWO            Retain           Bound    dxi/amq-data-claim                    axaservices                      43m
pv.dxi-axaservices-pg-data          1Gi        RWO            Retain           Bound    dxi/pg-data-claim                     axaservices                      43m
pv.dxi-jarvis-kafka-1-logs-pv       1Gi        RWO            Retain           Bound    dxi/pvc.dxi-jarvis-kafka-1-logs       jarvis-kafka-logs                47m
pv.dxi-jarvis-kafka-2-logs-pv       1Gi        RWO            Retain           Bound    dxi/pvc.dxi-jarvis-kafka-2-logs       jarvis-kafka-logs                47m
pv.dxi-jarvis-kafka-3-logs-pv       1Gi        RWO            Retain           Bound    dxi/pvc.dxi-jarvis-kafka-3-logs       jarvis-kafka-logs                47m
pv.dxi-jarvis-zookeeper-1-logs-pv   1Gi        RWO            Retain           Bound    dxi/pvc.dxi-jarvis-zookeeper-1-logs   jarvis-zookeeper-logs            48m
pv.dxi-jarvis-zookeeper-2-logs-pv   1Gi        RWO            Retain           Bound    dxi/pvc.dxi-jarvis-zookeeper-2-logs   jarvis-zookeeper-logs            48m
pv.dxi-jarvis-zookeeper-3-logs-pv   1Gi        RWO            Retain           Bound    dxi/pvc.dxi-jarvis-zookeeper-3-logs   jarvis-zookeeper-logs            48m
however, when checking details of pv.dxi-axaservices-pg-data, pg-pdata/postgres is using the incorrect NFS mount point
[root@munqa001493 pg-data]# kubectl describe pv pv.dxi-axaservices-pg-data -ndxi
Name:            pv.dxi-axaservices-pg-data
Labels:          dxiPVName=pv.dxi-axaservices-pg-data
Annotations: yes
Finalizers:      []
StorageClass:    axaservices
Status:          Bound
Claim:           dxi/pg-data-claim
Reclaim Policy:  Retain
Access Modes:    RWO
VolumeMode:      Filesystem
Capacity:        1Gi
Node Affinity:   <none>
    Type:      NFS (an NFS mount that lasts the lifetime of a pod)
    Path:      /nfs/ca/dxi/axaservices/pg-data
    ReadOnly:  false
Events:        <none>


DX Platform Installer 21.3.1


The problem is related to defect DE528894



None. To be fixed in next release


Manually create the PVs are describe in Techdocs

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