CA SOI not starting after CU3 patch
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CA SOI not starting after CU3 patch


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Hi there!,

This morning I apply the patch CU3 on CA SOI 4.2(SO09444) and after careful followed the documentation (SOI 4.2 CU3 ( the Triage Tests on the manager are still in progress



Release : 4.2

Component :


Looking at "\SOI\wso2registry\repository\conf\registry.xml, user-mgt.xml" the connection string was incorrect, due to this SOI manager failed to initialize.
Here is the connection string from above 2 files:
<Property name="url">jdbc:sqlserver://PTMTS-SOISPP-01.mch.moc.sgps/SAMStore;instance=SOIPP:52186<;databaseName=Property>
Here is the JDBC connection string from hibernate.cfg.xml file (this looks good)
<property name="connection.url">jdbc:sqlserver://PTMTS-SOISPP-01.mch.moc.sgps\SOIPP:52186;databaseName=SAMStore</property>
Please update JDBC connection string as defined in hibernate.cfg.xml in above 2 files "\SOI\wso2registry\repository\conf\registry.xml, user-mgt.xml" and run these commands.
1. Stop SOI Manager services
2. Update above 2 files with correct JDBC string

3. Open a dos window, CD to the \CA\SOI\tomcat\registry folder and run " registryloader.bat"

4. Restart the SOI manager services