PersistentVolumeClaim Metrics Missing
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PersistentVolumeClaim Metrics Missing


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


We are using UMA Operator release 21.X agent for Openshift 4.x.  We are not seeing all the PersistentVolumeClaim (PVC)  metrics that are mentioned in the APM SaaS documentation. Here are the metrics that we are looking for:

UMA reports these PVC-specific metrics:
• Available (Bytes) The amount of storage available for PV.
• Available % (rounded) PV Available storage rounded percentage
• Usage % (rounded) Rounded percentage of PVC used storage.
• Capacity (Bytes) Total capacity claimed by PVC
• Name Persistent Volume Claim name
• Usage (Bytes) PVC current usage.
• Volume Name Name of the Persistent Volume to which PVC is bound

Here is a screenshot of the metrics that we do see for PVC.




Release : SAAS

Component : Introscope


Example path:

For Openshift:

SuperDomain|node-worker|abcd|Kubernetes Agent|Openshift|Projects|openshift-monitoring|Pods|prometheus-k8s-0|PersistentVolumeClaim|prometheus-prometheus-k8s-0:Available % (rounded)

For Kubernetes:

<Node Name>|<Cluster Name>|Kubernetes Agent|Kubernetes|Namespaces|<Namespace Name>|Pods|<Pod Name>|PersistentVolumeClaim|<PVC Name>