Running parallel instances of Endevor abend in BC1PINIT RC=1800
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Running parallel instances of Endevor abend in BC1PINIT RC=1800


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An upgrade of Endevor releases 17.0 to 18.1 has been completed.
Release 17.0 is the current release of Endevor and release 18.1 has been installed to different product libraries (DSNs). 
The release 17.0 libraries are defined in LINKLIST, but the release 18.1 libraries are NOT in the LINKLIST.  
A new Endevor CLIST is allocating the release 18.1 libraries as mentioned in the manual. 
However, An abend iis occuring when invoking Endevor release 18.1 and release 17.0 is being invoked instead.
BC1PINIT FAILURE, RC=1800.                                                 
BC1PSM10: F000 ABEND CODE=INIT NUMBER=0001                                
BST PRODUCT: CA Endevor VERSION: 17.0 RELEASE: B1700C                   


Release : from 18.0 and 18.1

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager


There was two causes for this abend:

1 - A important change made from Endevor version 18.0 does not allow the swap of Endevor versions without logging off and logging on again.

Here is the explanation from documentation release 18.0:
Concurrent Release Considerations

In many cases, it is necessary to run two different releases of Endevor at the same time.
You can do this by adding your CSIQAUTH/CSIQAUTU and CSIQLOAD data sets to the respective STEPLIB and CONLIB statements in a test TSO logon procedure.
Member SCMM@LIB in the CSIQSENU and CSIQJCL installation libraries were tailored by BC1JJB03 of the installation process to point to your STEPLIB/CONLIB concatenations. The Skeleton JCL members installed imbed CSIQJCL member SCMM@LIB to point to your STEPLIB/CONLIB concatenations.
Stand-alone JCL members include CSIQJCL member SCMM@LIB for your STEPLIB/CONLIB concatenations.
The CSIQJCL member SCMM@LIB can be copied to a JES PROCLIB or a JCLLIB statement can be added to each stand-alone JCL member to point to the library where this member resides.
You cannot access both releases in the same TSO/ISPF session.
After working with one release, before you can work with the other, log off TSO and log on again, making sure to change the logon procedures.
If you do not change your logon procedures, a message indicates an incompatible C1DEFLTS Table.

2 - Wrong allocation of CSIQAUTH and CSIQAUTU in the Endevor release 18.1 Clist:

Endevor  CSIQAUTH and CSIQAUTU has been allocated using STEPNDVR DD statement.
The STEPNDVR DD statement is used for the new Endevor release 18.1 feature "ENDEVORS", which supports the ENUXSITE exit that is delivered with the product through parameter DP. The default ENUXSITE, in combination with the DP parameter, allows easy switching between differently named C1DEFLTS tables, not concurrent releases.



The solution is to use a different TSO logon proc for each release.
If this method is used, the production version could use either STEPLIB or LINKLIST and the Test version would use STEPLIB.
This enforces the logging off and logging back on to change the TSO logon proc.

CA Endevor APF-authorized libraries must be placed in one of the LPA, LINKLIST, or STEPLIB libraries.
note: ISPLLIB cannot be used for this purpose.

Do not use new Endevor release 18.1 feature "ENDEVORS", it supports the ENUXSITE for multiple C1DEFLTS, not concurrent releases.

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Concurrent Release Considerations