Multiple table id's for QOS's in database
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Multiple table id's for QOS's in database


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are facing an issue while generating a CABI health report for few devices, i.e we won't see any latest data in the report like last 24 hour, last 3 days and last 7 days. When I am selecting last month data  I can see the metrics and report as well. What I observed is that there are multiple table id's creates for single qos for single device. So, when generating a report it is fetching data from older table id not from recent one. However, we don't understand how two table id's created for single qos for single device in database. I have attached screenshot for your reference as well. Please do needful.



UIM : 20.3



This can occur in an environment where a large amount of QoS data is coming in, and the probe is unable to keep up with the incoming
volume due to a memory constraint.