Unable to see user photos in Identity Portal
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Unable to see user photos in Identity Portal


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CA Identity Suite


We have IP is integrated with IDM. We have a attribute which has image URL. We can see the image in IDM, in the user's profile but we are not able to display the image in IP.

Instead of the image we just see the URL of the image.


In this case the actual image itself is not stored in the IDM user attribute. Instead, the IDM attribute stores a link, or URL, to the location of the image.


After adding script to Handlers we were able to call the URL for the image and see the image displayed in Identity Portal.

Steps performed to get Image in UI:

  • In the Form properties, create a new property and provide the details of the attribute which has the image URL. Provide reference name to this attribute (for ex: photo)
  • Create a new property with display type message and provide the reference name (for ex: image). In the handlers for initialization provide the following script and click Save.

var photo1= api.getProp('photo').value;

api.getProp("image").message = '<div><p></p><p>PIV Photo</p><img src="' + photo1 + '"></div>';