Cannot cancel active transfers
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Cannot cancel active transfers


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XCOM Data Transport


Several transfers are in a ACTIVE status and are not being canceled when the CANCEL command is issued. How can those transfers be canceled?


Release : 3.1

Component : XCOM Data Transport for z/VSE


Transfers are in a ATTACH-L state. The DISPLAY command will confirm the state.


The DISPLAY command showed that all transfers in question were in a ATTACH-L state.

That indicates that XCOM is waiting for the remote system to send the header, but the Network I/O is not completing.

When the transfers are in this state the CANCEL or TERM commands will not help because XCOM has not control. In other words, it is stuck on a system call and not coming back to the XCOM code.

The only solution is to stop XCOM server, re-define the XCOMRRDS, start XCOM server.