Modern UX - Issue entering data into 'Large String - Plain Text' fields
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Modern UX - Issue entering data into 'Large String - Plain Text' fields


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An issue has been noticed with entering data into multiple 'Large String - Plain Text' fields, displayed consecutively one after another. Issue also happens with a regular string attribute.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create 5 Large String - Plain Text attributes in the Project object
  2. Create a Blueprint and display these attributes in a new section within the Project properties
  3. Associate the Blueprint with a project
  4. Start with the first field and keep writing the following sentence. Use tab to switch from the first field to the second one, and so on. Do not copy paste the sentence. It has to be typed in from the keyboard. It is also important to switch between the fields relatively quickly.

"This is a random sentence being used for testing."

Expected Results: The sentence gets saved correctly in all the 5 Large String - Plain Text fields. 

Actual Results: The sentence gets truncated at the beginning at least in one of the 5 fields. The truncation can be observed in more than one field also most of the times.


Release: 16.0.1, 16.0.2 


This is caused by a timing issue when the API is retrieving the values. If the user is updating a field before the API response is returned, this issue will occur.  


DE64100, fixed in 16.0.3 and

The fix also covers similar issues reported for:

  • All String type attributes - String, Plain Text and Rich Text 
  • DE64892: Idea Priority and Alignment values intermittently are lost or reset after being entered 
  • DE65181: Typing text in fields in New UX disappears after typing 

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