XCOM HP NonStop "Txpi 222 ... return value = 4127" & "gethostname" error
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XCOM HP NonStop "Txpi 222 ... return value = 4127" & "gethostname" error


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XCOM Data Transport


Unable to send file between two HP NonStop hosts using secure port 8045 and receive error:
Txpi  222: Socket select error return value = 4127


Release : 11.1

Component : XCOM Data Transport for Hp NonStop


XCOM loopback test on one host TAND3 to localhost IP and is working.
XCOM loopback test on the other host TAND4 to localhost IP and fails with:
"Txpi  224: gethostname error return value = 14".

XCOM requires and is using function gethostname() to look for the local host name associated with the interface, which can be defined in the hosts file or to the interface or a DNS. So there appears to be issue with the HPE CLIM and/or network interface configuration. Advice is to run these commands:
CLIMCMD nclim000 climconfig eth1 -info all -obeyform
CLIMCMD nclim000 climconfig interface -info eth1
(Note the CLIM  nclim000 and interface eth1 names may be different/unique)

The first command output showed no climconfig.hostname entry for \TAND4. The \TAND4 IP address needs to be associated with a hostname of TAND4.
Compare with working \TAND3:
 - What is defined for hostname for the \TAND3 IP address? 
 - Is there a climconfig.hostname in the \TAND3 clim configuration?

For further details see "HPE NonStop Cluster I/O Protocols (CIP) CLIMCMD Manpages" > "climconfig.hostname(1)": https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docId=a00005367en_us

The problem was not pursued further as it was only occurring in a very low use DEV environment and the PROD environment had no problems.