No or a few resources show up when you try to assign a user to a task
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No or a few resources show up when you try to assign a user to a task


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Missing resources when trying to assign a task. When you click on assign, either half of the team shows up to be assigned or none of the team members shows up to be assigned. You have all the required access and you have verified that "Zero Allocation" is set to all in the assignment selection filter. You are able to add team members to the project without any issues.


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This can be due to a corruption of the view


Restore defaults for the resource selection filter using the steps below. Note: Take screenshots of any layout or filter configurations you wish to add back after the restore is completed.

  1. Log in as the impacted user
  2. Go to a project that has at least one team member
  3. Click on a task (Make sure it's not a summary or milestone task)
  4. Click the Assign button
  5. Click the Options gear on the right-hand side
  6. Click Configure
  7. Click the General tab
  8. Click Restore defaults
  9. Wait at least a few seconds to allow the restore to complete
  10. Close the window
  11. Click Assign again and verify you can see the correct resources
  12. If you still see the issue, change a filter selection, such as changing the Resource Type filter value, then click filter. 

Additional Information

See also Unable to assign a team member to a task - the Resource list is empty.