User id used when executing script by WA Agent.
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User id used when executing script by WA Agent.


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Workload Automation Agent


What user is used when agent executes a script instead of command?




Release : 12.x/ 11.x

Component : Workload Automation System Agent


In several managers, such as DE (dSeies), ESP, and CA7, the user for UNIX jobs is not mandatory when command is executing a script.


When the WA Agent excites a script, the agent will use the script owner  (user) to run the script.   If the USER field is defined in the job, then agent will use that user to run the script.

The job log in newer agent will show the user that was used to execute the script

02/09/20XX 00:00:12.345+0000 CAWA_I_20009 establishUser(...)-Run as user: 'user1'


Additional Information

Note: It is recommended to always define users in the UNIX jobs whether running a script or command.  If for some reason the user of script was changed unexpectedly, the correct or initial user will be used by agent.  This can also prevent any issues related to permission.

Always test the script and commands manually/