XOG troubleshooting for Clarity - information to provide to support
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XOG troubleshooting for Clarity - information to provide to support


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For issues with XOG, this article provides some general details that can be provided to support to aid in troubleshooting XOG issues. 




  1. Did the XOG work previously in the environment? If so, any recent changes since it broke?
  2. For issues only reproducible in one environment: Are the environments on the same Clarity version? 
  3. Are you using the Load Balancer URL for XOG? If so, is it possible to try to XOG against a specific app node?
  4. Have you tried clearing the Clarity cache? (steps at: Flush Clarity server cache)
  5. Provide a XOG trace for both the working environment and the one that has the issue. Steps to do a XOG trace are at: Enable SQL trace for XOG
  6. Do you get any errors when XOGing? If yes, what is the error?
  7. Include the files that were used to XOG:
    • read XML
    • write XML
    • output XML
  8. If the XOG is running in a process, can you reproduce the issue outside of the process using XOG client (to rule out any process related aspects causing the issue)