DLP RHEL services are not starting up after reboot.
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DLP RHEL services are not starting up after reboot.


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After system startup the services are showing as unknown. 


Release : 15.8, 16.x

Component : DLP services on RHEL


Due to system startup and the network services are not up in time when DLP services start. DLP services are unable to bind to any available port. 


Looking at the rhel system and how long it takes to boot:

running systemd-analyze will show you how long the system takes to boot.

Running systemd-analyze blame will show you a break down of each service that runs during startup. 

Now if the network-service services are taking longer than the DLP services to come up you will need to address that

Additional Information


You can add a sleep timer in the DLP services start function:

vi /etc/init.d/<Name of DLP Service>

add sleep 50 (#note: you might need a higher or lower sleep timer depending on your boot time)