Proper patching for Gateway Upgrade from 10.0 - 10.1 CR01
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Proper patching for Gateway Upgrade from 10.0 - 10.1 CR01


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CA API Gateway


Hello Team, 

I am trying to do an upgrade from version 10.0 CR04 to 10.1 CR01. and want to know if the new CR01 patch covers the previous patch from 10.1. Or if I need to install all of them.

Here is the order:
1. Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.1.00-CentOS.L7P

2. Layer7_API_Gateway_v10.1.00.11620.L7P

3. Layer7_API_Gateway_v10.1.00.12727-CR01.L7P

Does no. 3 also cover no. 2 or do I need to install both?


Release :

Component :


Here is the order:
1) Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.1.00-CentOS.L7P

2) Layer7_API_Gateway_v10.1.00.11620.L7P

3) You Must reboot here (not a ssg restart).

4) Layer7_API_Gateway_v10.1.00.12727-CR01.L7P

5) You must reboot.

6) Layer7_API_SSG_Platform_Update_64bit_v10.1.00-CentOS_2022-02-02.L7P
7) Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.X-CentOS-2022-02-23.L7P  *** Or latest Monthly Platform Patch this changes monthly...
8) ** Reboot

You need to apply 2 and 3. You can not skip 2 and go directly to 3.

The rule has always been you must apply the Base version then you can jump to any CR. But the base version release MUST be installed first.