Can there be two server entries in the file?
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Can there be two server entries in the file?


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


How to add a second URL to the file for the client?



Release:: 9.3, 9.4



Before version 9.3 client.jnlp was in the use. When using client.jnlp with a secondary RMI failover, it was always known that there have to be two different client.jnlp files as they connected to two different RMI servers as well as two different Apache web servers. So when the primary RMI goes down and the secondary kicks in, the user has to log off the primary client.jnlp and then log into the secondary client.jnlp file


In 9.3 and higher versions, RunClient.jar is used. Any logged-in user will have to log off the primary RunClient.jar and then log into the secondary RunClient.jar. With the RunClient.jar and the file, users can now log into multiple environments as long as they are on the same version. However, the development team has not accounted for using one Runclient.jar to connect to both the primary RMI and secondary RMI since they have the same master name. Having the same master name makes it so that the users can't add a second entry of the same in the file. 


So for a workaround users can have two different RunClient.jar files, one for the primary, and any other environments users want such as prod, test, or dev. But if users want to reconnect after primary RMI fails over to secondary RMI, they have to open up the secondary Runclient.jar.