How to setup Imaging over Cloud Enabled Management
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How to setup Imaging over Cloud Enabled Management


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IT Management Suite Deployment Solution Client Management Suite


What configuration is required to Deploy images over the internet using Cloud Enabled Management (CEM) using Deployment Solution in ITMS?


ITMS 8.6 and later


Starting with ITMS 8.6 RU1 release, the following features were added.

Starting with ITMS 8.6 RU1 Release:

  • Use Cloud-enabled connection to run tasks and jobs in WinPE environments.

Starting with ITMS 8.6 RU2 Release:

Imaging over CEM in 8.6 RU2 requires the use of Automation Folders.  PXE is not currently an option.

Deployment Solution Supports Package Servers via Cloud-Enabled Management
When using Deployment to image or re-image machines using a 
Cloud-Enabled Management
 connection, you can now connect to package servers using that connection.

Starting with ITMS 8.6 RU3 Release:

Boot Using a Local PXE
The feature allows admins to perform a PXE boot when clients and the PXE server are located in the same local network. Before 8.6 RU3, the PXE Server also had to be located in the same network as the Windows Notification Server.
Now, the PXE Server can communicate with the Notification Server through a CEM Gateway. For example,  the Notification Server could be hosted in the Cloud, while only the Site Servers and their clients are physically located in the office network.


For more details, please refer to our online document:

Using Deployment Solution with Cloud-Enabled Management


In the Console, go to Settings > Deployment > Manage Preboot Configuration

And make the following changes to the Settings Section

1) Choose the Correct SMP Connection Profile, requiring HTTPS / 443.
2) Click Apply
3) Choose the name of your Cloud-Enabled Management Policy from the Drop Down (if needed, see Cloud-enabled Management Settings)

In Windows Environment Settings, choose WinPE-EnhancedStorage

Next Recreate the Automation Folder Preboot Configuration (default is PEInstall or your Custom Preboot Config).  Wait for that to complete (15-30 minutes).

If an Automation Folder is already installed on the system, uninstall the current Automation Folder and then reinstall the new Folder(Uninstall and Install Policies are available for Automation Folders under Settings > Agents > Deployment < Windows)

You are now able to Image over the CEM Gateway.

Validate if the CEM Agent can execute Capture and/or Deploy image jobs.


Additional Information

Please also see the White Paper: Using_Deployment_Solution_with_Cloud_Enabled_Management.pdf

NOTE: For ITMS 8.6 RU2 and earlier, due to the bug in KB 232242 you may need to change the Windows Authentication (NTLM to the top or disable Windows Authentication, and enable Anonymous Authentication) on the Site Server > Default Website > Altiris > ClientTaskServer. For ITMS 8.6 RU3 is not longer an issue.