Gen PTF_maintenance.log shows duplicate "has been installed" for same PTFs
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Gen PTF_maintenance.log shows duplicate "has been installed" for same PTFs


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Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen


The "%Gen86%\PTF_Backups\PTF_maintenance.log" shows duplicate entries for the same set of PTFs and there are no references for any PTF "has been backed out" between those 2 sets of installs. It appears that the same PTFs have been installed twice so could this cause a corrupt install?


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Workstation Toolset


In this scenario the developers had tried several times to uninstall/reinstall Gen 8.6 and PTFs to fix a DTU startup problem. When the uninstall was done the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Gen86" was not removed so that would explain the existing "%Gen86%\PTF_Backups\PTF_maintenance.log" file being appended to.
When uninstalling Gen it is best to also backup and remove the directory "%Gen86%" ("C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Gen86") to avoid any duplication of entries in "%Gen86%\PTF_Backups\PTF_maintenance.log". Also other files under "%Gen86%\Gen" may still remain and cause unwanted side effects in the new install e.g. DTU failing to start.

Suggested steps to ensure a clean install:
a. Uninstall Gen 8.6 from "Control Panel"/"Programs and Features".
b. Rename these directories as a backup:
 - "C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\CA"
 - "%Gen86%" ("C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Gen86")
c. Restart machine.
d. Install Gen 8.6
e. Install Gen 8.6 Complete WKS86200/SO09618
f. Install required additional patches.

Additional Information

L1 Support discussed further with Gen Engineering and they will investigate the cleaning up of the file "%Gen86%\PTF_Backups\PTF_maintenance.log" at uninstall time when the next ISO image is built.
Also it is probable that the current InstallShield Gen 8.6 uninstall program will only remove files (or files with the same name) that it originally installed. So if a PTF installs a new file with a different name, that new file will not be removed when InstallShield uninstalls Gen.This process will also be investigated when the next ISO image is built.

Gen 8.6 Diagram Trace Utility (DTU) fails to start (org.eclipse.ant.core)

NOTE: It should not cause any problems if a PTF is installed multiple times into the same Gen installation, as long as PTFs are installed in the right order.
When a given PTFname is installed, if there is an existing "%Gen86%\PTF_Backups\PTFname.BAK" directory that contains backed up files from a previous install (checks for file PTFname.ctl) then Gen does not perform another backup and the new install will add the line "BACKUP: Backup will not be performed, since this PTF has already been applied." to the log file "%Gen86%\PTF_Backups\PTFname.BAK\PTFname.log". Therefore the backup is not corrupted and installing a PTF more than once should just cause its files to overlay themselves in the installation directory.