Modern Project Staff Actuals Not Displaying
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Modern Project Staff Actuals Not Displaying


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The issue happens on a specific project, which is inactive.
The actuals are displayed when the project is made active for the 'Per Period Metrics'


The project being inactive does not cause the issue as the mechanism to populate the actuals does not depend on a project's active state.

The Modern Per Period Metrics on the Project > Staff populate the Actuals.

For the projects with missing actuals, run the following jobs:

1. Time Slicing job.
2. Time Slicing Sync with the "Force Update" parameter (to rebuild the sql curves)
3. Confirm if actuals now appear on the affected project. 

The Modern does not use time slices, it uses sqlcurves to generate the aggregated total actuals/ETC.
So the Project > Staff  actuals uses the sqlcurves, which is an aggregation of the actuals from assignments for the resources.

After the project is populated, make sure subsequent runs of the job(Time Slicing Sync) does not run with the "Force Update" flag on. Turn it off as it can cause performance issues.

Additional Information

There are no plans to have the job option run for inactive projects as the active state is not a factor.
At the inception of the Time Slicing Sync job, the general assumption was that actuals did not need to be generated for inactive projects for the Time Slice Sync job. 
If a timesheet was to be updated to log time against an inactive project, then the regular Time Slicing job suffices.

In summary, what generates the actuals is running the Time Slicing Sync job with the "Force" option
so that it can generate the curves, regardless of active or inactive state. 

If the project is active or inactive, the actuals would still display.