User in Provisioning store missing from user store
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User in Provisioning store missing from user store


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Manager


An organization was deleted from IDM by mistake along with all the users that were under this organization, however, the users are still present in the provisioning store (although they disappeared from the user store). Is there any way to recover from the situation? For example, create the user store based on the provisioning directory?


Release : 14.x

Component : IdentityManager (Identity Manager)


A backup or snapshot of the User store is the only way to recover all of the user data in this situation, as the Provisioning Store does not contain all the data required to reconstruct the User Store.  However, it is possible to create a new user with the same user login credentials in the user store.  Then synchronize the user to realign with the Provisioning Store account.


Additional Information

Note that this is not a solution for every scenario.  The user created in the User Store is not the same user as the original.  It is a new user who contains the same login credentials as the original. If some information that existed in the User Store for the original user is missing, this could impact some operations (ie PX Policy activity).