Staffing Page performance with OBS permissions
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Staffing Page performance with OBS permissions


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Staffing Page is slow with a user with OBS rights, significantly slower than with admin rights. Steps to reproduce this issue are as follows: 

  1. On a large environment, create a new user with access rights using OBS:
  2. Add the following permissions:
    • Global:
      • Project Management - Tiles Navigate
      • Projects - Navigate
      • Resource Management - Navigate
      • Staffing - Navigate
      • Staffing Plan - Navigate
    • OBS:
      • Project - View
      • Resource - Edit
      • Resource - Soft Book
      • Resource - View
      • Resource - View Book
  3. Connect to Modern UX with this user
  4. Go to Staffing page /pm/#/staffing with a view returning 
    1. many projects
    2. little projects and per period metrics
    3. little projects, per period metrics and grouping by Resource

Expected Results: The Staffing page performance to be within acceptable limits <15 sec / slightly slower than Admin user

Actual Results: The Staffing page performance is significantly slower compared to Admin user


Release : 16.0.0, 16.0.1


This is DE64053, fixed in 16.0.2 and