User gets RMOBPC12 error when printing report
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User gets RMOBPC12 error when printing report


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After pressing "P" to print a report (only happens on 2 reports), The user selects the printer and the following message appears:

RMOBPC12 Model Banner Page 'P   ' not found  Default banner page is used

One report allows them to click through and return to the session.  A second report will not allow bypass of this error so user must close session and re-login.


Release : 14.0

Component : View


The RMOBPC12 error indicating there was a banner with the name 'P' that was being invoked. However banner 'P' does not exist. 

User went back to the report definition in Deliver and found there is a 'P' in the banner field. The user removed the 'P', with that they were able to print the report without error.