TPXMAIL and a Bulletin breakin message
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TPXMAIL and a Bulletin breakin message


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TPX - Session Management


Is there a way to have the Bulletin message displayed each time the user logs on to TPX until the 'expiration date' ?  


Release : 5.4

Component : TPX for z/OS


Once the Bulletin is created and 'Allow bulletin to breakin' is Y, press PF5 and the message breaks into the users chosen to receive it immediately if they are logged on.

If a user logs in at a later time, they will not receive the breakin Bulletin, it is after the fact.  If a Bulletin expiration was specified, then the Store option must be and it will be stored in the users mailbox.

They will see a 'Check Mail Msgs' at the bottom right of the screen. The user will see 

the bulletin under 'Read the Bulletins' or 'Read your messages and the bulletins'.

Additional Information

The HELP message:

 Allow bulletin to breakin - Causes the bulletin to appear on the recipient's
  terminal immediately upon being sent, without waiting for the recipient to
  press an action key.
  This field applies only if "Send this bulletin now" is set to Y.