Resource Termination Date Affect On Allocations
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Resource Termination Date Affect On Allocations


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A user with a termination date, has planned allocations for Feb – Dec have been removed because the term date was set to JAN. 
Is this by design?


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  • Allocation, by design, gets dropped after a termination date.
  • The one option to bring back the allocation would be to remove the termination date for the resource.
  • If the allocation is needed still for a user that is termed, one suggestion is to replace resources on projects with a placeholder role that is active with no termination date.

Additional Information

See also: Allocation, % allocation, and availability calculation overview

The allocation segment will be retained by design as the termination date only triggers removal of the time slices, not the segments.

The reason the allocation segments are not removed is that it is retained for history for resource managers to review where
allocation history can be seen and referenced.
The allocation can be transferred and resource replacement be made easier.

The allocation segments can be removed manually.