Unable to update task status
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Unable to update task status


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You have a project where the task status can be updated however in other projects, the task status can not be updated.  It is read-only.


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Component :PPMPRM


This is determined by which % Complete Calculation Methods is set for each project


How the % Complete is updated depends on the % Complete Calculation Method on the project

  • If the % Complete Calculation Method is set to Duration or Effort on the project, the % Complete value will update when the 'Update % Complete' job runs.  It cannot be updated manually.
  • If the % Complete Calculation is set to 'Manual', the % Complete value can be updated manually on the project properties page.


Once the % Complete is updated on the project, the status of the task on the Project will update based on that percentage: 

  •    When the project % Complete = 0%, the Status will display as Not Started on the task list.
  •    When the project % Complete = > 0% but < 100%, the Status will display as Started on the task list.
  •    When the project % Complete = 100%, the Status will display as Completed on the task list.


Note: Even if the % Complete Calculation Method of the project is set to Manual, in order to be able to save a task status of Completed, there must be 0 ETCs on the task.

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