How to delete a Module when it is not possible from Identity Portal UI
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How to delete a Module when it is not possible from Identity Portal UI


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Portal


From the Identity Portal UI, it is not possible to delete a Module.


Identity Portal 14.4

Virtual Appliance 14.4


Below are the steps to remove the module from the database.


Before starting the process back up your Identity Portal DB in case you need rollback from any situation that this may cause. This backup is the only way to roll back to the previous situation.

Also please, the module should not be associated with any other profile to be possible to delete


Identify the module that is unable to delete in the screenshot above, an example, was 2477 but this number may be different in each different environment.

To Delete: (this step will remove the module from the database, so take care to get the correct number and have a backup of your database before doing it):

2. Run the query

     DELETE FROM IDENTITYPORTAL.sigmamodule where id = 2477;

3. Run the query


4. Check Identity Portal Management Console - Modules

5. If the Module is still there, run Clear All Caches;

       Go Tools -> Clear Cache -> Select All -> Clear Chache -> Confirm -> This will disconnect you from IP 

6. Login again and check if the module is there and this is now removed.

7. If they are still there, stop_ip / start_ip

8. Check again if the Module is there.