Use of WWW USS_64
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Use of WWW USS_64


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CA 7 Workload Automation


Attempting to install CA7 WWW interface.
After extracting CA7WAIInstaller.pax.Z, USS_64  was also extracted and replaced content of ca7webclient/ including ca7wai_appl.war
During starting of STC received error: JVMJZBL1033E No Java class name argument supplied.


Release : 12.1

Component : CA 7


The STC PROC JCL has two entries for the JAVACLS= argument.  The first one is on the actual PROC statement itself and is not set.  There is a  second one further down in the list of arguments on the PROC statement, which is set correctly.

Remove the blank one on the PROC statement, replacing it with one of the others.  As an example here is the PROC statement and Arguments from my demo version of the CA 7 Web Client.  I believe the first Argument found is the one that is used, hence the message "No Java Class name argument supplied"

//CA7WEBUI PROC ARGS='start',                                          
//   JAVACLS='org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap',                  
//   LIBRARY='SYS1.LIBRARY',                                          
//   VERSION='86',                       < JVMLDM Version: 86          
//   LOGLVL='+T',                        < Debug LVL: +I(info) +T(trc) 
//   REGSIZE='0M',                       < EXECUTION REGION SIZE       
//   LEPARM=''