API Portal - Internal Server Error while signing up
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API Portal - Internal Server Error while signing up


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CA API Developer Portal


We are changing portal version from 3.5 to 5.0. We have modified the Sample Template folder, which has provided as a reference for the UI, and after modifying it, functionalities were working as expected. However, today when I try to sign up for a new account, it returns "Server Error Exception" with a message "Internal Server Error". 

We have also tried to upload the Sample Template to check whether the problem is on the UI side or not, and it gave the same error again.

The request could not be completed due to processing errors.500

Can you guide us on how to fix this issue?



All supported Developer Portal releases.

Component : New User Signup


The problem is that due to the migration of the 3.5 portal there are two account plans which are marked as default .

When you register a new user it will be assigned to the default account plan but because there are two the registration fails as it does not know which one to use.

We can only have one default account plan .

Below is the example for Portal database on External MySQL server.

To resolve this run the following database update

mysql>  use portal;

mysql> select * from ACCOUNT_PLAN where DEFAULT_PLAN=true and TENANT_ID='<tenant_name>'

If the above select query returns more than 1 result, then disable the DEFAULT_PLAN for plans other than the one you would require.

In this example, we are setting the DEFAULT_PLAN to false for 'Standart Account Plan'.

mysql> update ACCOUNT_PLAN set  DEFAULT_PLAN = false  where  DEFAULT_PLAN = true and NAME = 'Standart Account Plan';

After this the registrations should work again.