Get AutoSys client and agent versions remotely
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Get AutoSys client and agent versions remotely


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CA Workload Automation AE


Is there a script or command to check the current version of an autosys agent machine from an autosys server without logging in to the autosys agent machine? 



Release : 11.3.6

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To determine the version of AutoSys, on a server or client machine you run the command "autoflags -a" on those machines.
To determine the version of an agent you run the command "cybAgent -v" or "cybAgent -vv" on those machines.

There is no central command you can issue on the scheduler to extract the AutoSys client version of a remote client.
Some customers configure an AutoSys command job to run on the remote hosts and execute the "autoflags -a" command
and write the output to a file.  They can then use "autosyslog -J <jobname> -tO" to pull and display the remote std_out_file's content, giving them the version details.

Regarding trying to determine the agent's version from a central location, you can run "autorep -M ALL -p" or 
use WCC's Agent Inventory tab or like the example above run a command job to run the "cybAgent -v" command on the
remote host and send the output to a file and then pull back that data via autosyslog -J <job> -tO"