Advises about AdminUI in-place upgrade instead of scratch install
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Advises about AdminUI in-place upgrade instead of scratch install


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Planning upgrade of the AdminUI, is it better option to install a
fresh new AdminUI version or to proceed with an upgrade ?




At first glance, an in-place upgrade is recommendable as it will
preserve all specific configuration that might have brought. Carefully
read the documentation when planning (1).

In that case, a fresh install will suit good to be a plan B, if
unexpected problem or errors arise during the in-place upgrade.

Overall, the most important thing to do is to list the specific
configurations that might have been brought to the AdminUI before the
upgrade :

  - Is ssl enabled ?
  - Does the AdminUI uses an External Admin Store ?
  - Does AdminUI has specific ssl certificates configured ?
  - Is there any other customization ?

A fresh install will bring an out of the box AdminUI. But when using
External Admin Store for the AdminUI and other specificities that
doesn't come with the out of the box install, all the specifics
configuration will need to be ported.

As described in the following KD, if many AdminUI upgrades occured
during the last years, the upgrade process might faces problem as this
one described here (2). 

The scratch install will stand for a plan B, if the in-place upgrade
faces many problems.


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