"Unable to update record" error on the Project Staff tab
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"Unable to update record" error on the Project Staff tab


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One specific user is getting the "Unable to update record" error on a specific Project Staff tab on the Modern UX when updating a boolean field.

It only happens on a specific project and with specific team members. The same user is able to update the affected team members on a different project.

What can be the reason behind this error?




The affected user has Resource Soft Book rights.

Granted Global Resource Hard Book rights temporarily

With the new global right, the user is now able to update the failing records.

Revoke the Global Resource Hard Book right given.

Further changes are allowed afterward on the team records affected. 

Additional Information

When looking at the log files we can see it complains about access rights:

ERROR 2022-02-08 13:13:31,250 [https-jsse-nio2-443-exec-21] xql2.rule (clarity:MYCLARITYUSER:9123141__A9EF03BB-CD05-4E31-B229-6E3B399D31C2:PPM_REST_API) Insufficient rights to add/update team record ERROR 2022-02-08 13:13:31,250 [https-jsse-nio2-443-exec-21] niku.xql2 (clarity:MYCLARITYUSER:9123141__A9EF03BB-CD05-4E31-B229-6E3B399D31C2:PPM_REST_API) Invalid record for update [onValidateRecord] ERROR 2022-02-08 13:13:31,282 [https-jsse-nio2-443-exec-21] rest.validation (clarity:MYCLARITYUSER:9123141__A9EF03BB-CD05-4E31-B229-6E3B399D31C2:PPM_REST_API) ODFResourceProvider :: Could not update resource. Object code alias: [ requestUrl: https://example.com/ppm/rest/v1/projects/5005003/teams/5007032?tsvParams=%28periods%3D%28allocationCurve%2Cmonths%2C24%2C2021-01-01T00%3A00%3A00%2Cfiscal%29%29%2C%28workEffortUnit%3Dhours%29 , _restResourceName : teams , _id : 5007032 , _parentInfo : com.ca.ppm.rest.RequestContext$ParentInfo@27e87722 , _apiVersion : v1 , _includeLinksArray : true , _contextId : 5005003 , _hierarchyId : -1] ERROR 2022-02-08 13:13:31,282 [https-jsse-nio2-443-exec-21] rest.validation (clarity:MYCLARITYUSER:9123141__A9EF03BB-CD05-4E31-B229-6E3B399D31C2:PPM_REST_API) ExceptionInfo ::  Could not update resource. Resource name: teams. Error code: Unable to update record Error message: Unable to update record