Status Report PDF truncates text in string fields
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Status Report PDF truncates text in string fields


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Text entered into a string field and shown in the Status Report canvas gets incomplete data shown in the PDF report. 

  1. Log into Clarity Modern User Experience (MUX)
  2. Create a project 
  3. Click on the Status module for the project 
  4. In the Status Report Update field, paste at least 5 lines of text
  5. Click Preview
  6. Click Download PDF, then Save
  7. Open the PDF and look at the Status Report Update field

Expected Results: The entire text pasted into the field should display in the PDF. 

Actual Results:  Some lines get completely left out, and line 4 has the bottom half of the characters cut off. 


Release: Clarity 16.0.1 and higher. 


This is not a bug. This is a product limitation when generating the PDF starting in 16.0.1. 

Workaround: Resize the field on the canvas and export the report again.