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Roadmap: Create New Event field pull-down should not include the project '(Original)' fields


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As of 16.0.1, the Project object has two fields that are only used with the 'Autoschedule' functionality and are not fields you see, except when a project has a 'Tentative Schedule' created from the Autoschedule functionality.  The 'Start (Original)' and 'Finish (Original)' fields should NOT appear in the pull-down list in the Roadmap Create Item Events modal. There is no information for these fields unless a project is in Tentative Schedule mode and should only appear within the Project Tasks Module.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Roadmap and navigate to the Timeline layout
  2. Open the View Options panel, go to the 'Events' tab
  3. Click the 'Manage Item Events'
  4. In the Modal, click 'New Event'
  5. In the pull-down field, type 'original' to search for fields that contain this string 

Expected Results: These fields should NOT appear in the pull-down list. 

Actual Results: You see both Tentative Schedule 'Start (Original)' and 'Finish (Original)' fields from the Project Object. 




Clarity 16.0.1


Fixed in Clarity 16.0.2

Workaround: None. You can ignore these fields.