Health Check and Other Web Services Enhancements (LU02924, LU02925 for 18.1) available for 18.0 ?
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Health Check and Other Web Services Enhancements (LU02924, LU02925 for 18.1) available for 18.0 ?


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In Endevor V18.1, there are PTFs LU02924 and LU02925,  any related V18.0 PTFs for "Health Check and Other Web Services Enhancements" ? 




Release : 18.0

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager


Check out the Problem No.- 14874, both PTFs LU02924 and LU02925 are solutions related to this problem. 

New capability added to Endevor REST API:
  For the retrieve Element, Print Element and Print Components actions,
  the caller can specify the encoding the result should be in,
  therefore overriding the "encoding" parameter in the .cfg file.
  For the Add Element and Update Element actions the caller can specify
  the encoding of the content they are uploading, again overriding
  the encoding in the .cfg file.
  In v2 of the REST API, the encoding of any returned text content is
  now visible in the returned Content-Type header. In v1 the header
  remains unchanged for compatibility reasons.
Static status check page extended:
  The static web page at ://:/EndevorService
  has been extended to provide the status of individual WS configurations.
  The page will now show the results of a basic health check for each
  .cfg file, verifying .cfg file syntax as well as the ability to
  spawn the corresponding STC (thus verifying also ENF setup and the
  STC definition). It will also provide information about the problem
  found and recommended solutions.
Aside from that, the following minor changes are included:

  ConnectionTimeout=0 mean wait for free STC without a defined
  timeout value (now consistent with other timeouts when equal to 0)
  Print element action with search=yes no longer prints the last
  matching version of the element. Now it will return the first version
  found during the map search.
  When registering the Endevor REST API to the Zowe API Mediation Layer
  both version 1 and 2 are registered and available through the apiml.
  In REST API v2 - fixed the issue where invalid credentials lead to
  HTTP response code 500 (internal error).
  Now the more correct code 401 (unauthorized) is returned instead.
  Fixed incorrect fingerprints returned from add/update/retrieve
  when the Endevor STC allocates the APIMSGS DD in its JCL
  (which is not recommended; use EN$DPMSGS instead if message output
  should be duplicated into the job log).
CA Endevor SCM                                               Release 18.1


There are no V18.0 related solutions for problem 14874,  those enhancements only available in Endevor V18.1.